Some Of our cases

Hinergy offers both pre-designed and engineered solar PV kits as well as energy solutions for projects that require specialized customization. Our system integration experience along with in-depth solar product knowledge has increasingly evolved around PV technology and its implementation. This experience is the foundation of how we design our PV kits and develop our projects.

10KW Belgium

10KW Residential Grid Tied Solar System Sloped Roof Mount In Belgium

30KW Dominica Republic

30KW Commercial Grid Tied Solar System Flat Roof Mount In Dominica Republic

200KW China

200KW Commercial Grid Tied Solar System Flat Metal Roof Mount In China

400W Kenya

400W Off Grid System in Kenya Rural Areas

1KW Haiti

1KW Residential Off-Grid System Roof Installing In Haiti

10KW Indonesia

10KW Commercial Off-grid Solar System Roof Installation In Indonesia

1.5W Tanzania

Portable Solar System For Lighting Contributory Project in Tanzania

100W Uganda

Mini Solar Home System For Lighting

150W Myanmar

Portable Solar System For Rural Area Light & Cellphone Charging

12W China

12W Solar Garden Light For Roadway Lighting Project

40W China

40W Fly Hawk Solar Street Light For Rural Road Lighting Engineering

50W China

50W Swan Solar Street Light For Municipal Lighting Engineering

2KW Thailand

2KW Solar Water Pump System For Agricultural Irrigation Project in Thailand

6KW India

6KW Solar Water Pump System For Agricultural Irrigation Project in India

75W Nigeria

75W Solar Powered Refrigerator in Nigeria Remote Rural Areas